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Siddha Medicine

Siddha Medicine is an age old medical science which has its origin in South Indian land of Tamil Nadu. This medical system focusses on treating the root cause of the disease naturally. This medical system uses natural ingredients like plants, animal products, metals and minerals for preparation of medicines. This treatment method also puts emphasis on the concept of using food as medicine and also medicine as food.

The fact that this medical system doesn't follow complicated treatment rituals, makes this the best treatment method for all age groups and for the overall health and balance of the human body. If you are looking for a treatment method that's one with nature then this can be the best option for you. Since the natural medicinal ingredients used in medicines are purified naturally by following the guidance and methodologies prescribed in ancient scriptures, these medicines are completely natural and safe to use. At the same time highly effective in treating the disease. Today its become a common scene to find patients who are written off by modern medical practitioners, getting treated and completely cured from their ailment by using Siddha.

That's why we are welcoming you to our complete portal where we are always striving to be the best. From guiding you to the right medicines, treatment, clinics, doctors, remedies etc to offering help to those seeking medical help, we intend to be the go to source for everything on Siddha.

Road Map To Our Portal

Let me walk you through everything we are preparing for you here. First and foremost the section above is where you can join hundreds of others who have subscribed to our newsletter where we send you our freebies, information, updates and news via mail. Then we have our discussion board which can be accessed by clicking the prominent yellow button at the middle area.

Also just above the middle area you can find our sub-menu which leads to some very important sections of the site. Presently there are four sections for medicine, treatment, remedies and institutions. The medicine section guides you towards the right medicines for your disease condition. The treatment section focuses on treatments for various diseases and offering proper guidance towards the right treatment. The remedies section focuses on natural herbal remedies for various diseases and finally the institutions section points you towards the nearest siddha clinics and doctors to help you get the needed medical care.

Above that you can find our main menu where you can find the about section where you can get general information about us, about our medical system and so on, you can also find links to our videos section, our podcast and resources section etc. Overall we have structured our site to help you get the most out of this medical system. Also we run on the latest web technology and are mobile friendly, so we encourage you to use our site on your smartphone without any hiccoughs. Wishing you a pleasant stay and hope you'll enjoy your ride through the complete portal on siddha medicine.

In siddha medicine you can find treatment for all forms of diseases from rheumatic complaints, skin disorders, hair growth, diabetes, infertility and impotence, psoriasis and what not. If you are looking for treatment for your condition, feel free to contact our senior Doctor at the number below.

For Treatment & Medicine - Contact
Dr.Stanley Jones (Senior Physician)
Mob: 09846012034

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