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Dr.Spencer Jones

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My name is Spencer Jones. I am from Kerala, The South Indian state which is aptly called as the Gods Own Country. I am son of Dr.V.Stanley Jones who is a Senior Siddha Physician in the state. He retired from Govt. service as Senior Siddha Medical Officer in Govt. Siddha Hospital Trivandrum, which is the very first Government Siddha hospital in Kerala.

I did my schooling in St.Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Trivandrum. I completed my graduation in Siddha Medicine, in 2009 from Santhigiri Siddha Medical College, Trivandrum which is the very first Siddha Medical College outside Tamil Nadu, situated here in Trivandrum, Kerala and I used to practice in a small clinic right here in Trivandrum. Later I served as a medical officer in NRHM (National Rural Health Mission) for around 1.5 years. Later I had to leave NRHM, to take up the responsibility of managing our Siddha pharmaceutical unit.

Interests & Hobbies

My biggest God given interest and talent is internet marketing. Internet Marketing is the general broad name for the whole world which involves a lot of sub areas like seo, social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, targeting, affiliate marketing, conversions, blogging and the list goes on. For those of you that don’t know what internet marketing is, let me explain a bit. Internet is an ever growing medium, studies show that people are spending more time on internet than they used to spend on TV. Internet is gradually overtaking the roles played by traditional mediums like TV, Radio and News paper. Presently people type go to the internet for everything from connecting with their friends, to finding a doctor in their locality to seeking help for their personal problems. Any business or service without an active presence online is going to be left behind. So anyone from businesses to professionals, to college students to information seekers, any body that owns a website needs to do some sort of internet marketing to get visitors to their website. Whatever action taken to get visitors to websites can be referred to as internet marketing. The specific area of internet marketing that I focused a lot was affiliate marketing, this is the process of earning money through your website by selling products that somebody else created. (More on that can be learned by going to my Online Income Startup blog)

Even standing in the role as a Siddha doctor, I love to confess out loud, my one of a kind dream of starting my own internet marketing company. Of-course if it’s God’s will, one day God will help me fulfill that dream. My interest in internet marketing made me to buy my very first computer back in 2002. In due course, by God’s grace I learned a lot on various aspects of internet marketing. I have published numerous blog posts and articles on internet marketing.

With that said, In 2005, I created my very first Siddha website, (not related to affiliate marketing and not focussed on online business and earnings) which is the one you are at right now. To be open, this website was one of the very first websites that emerged exclusively on Siddha medicine on the whole internet. I can only remember one website on Siddha medicine at that time and that too was owned by a foreigner. So I believe that I can call my site the very first web portal on siddha medicine on the entire internet.

With the addition of a discussion forum and other interactive features, I can confidently say that this website is one of the best on siddha medicine on the entire world.

I can only find that many words about me right now. May be sometime later, when I have more to say, I will try to update this page with further and updated information.

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