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Siddha Clinic – Dr.Stanley’s

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This is our Siddha Clinic Page. This is where you can find details about our Dr.Stanley’s Siddha Clinics which we are setting up in various locations in India.

Navigate through the sidebar to find one of our Dr.Stanley’s Siddha Clinic located near to you. You can also find contact details where you can call and fix an appointment or clarify your doubts.

Why Visit Dr.Stanley’s Siddha Clinic ?

So you might be thinking why choose our siddha clinics. The answer being that we strive to offer you the best experience – clinically as well and offering you the very best care to help you overcome your ailing disorders.

Every Dr.Stanley’s Siddha clinic tries to pass on the clinical experience gathered by Dr.Stanley Jones in his medical practice along with his rich background of over 7 generation of Siddha tradition.

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