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Dietary Habits For Diseases

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Siddha Physician’ Directory Of Diet Regulations

Siddha medicine gives much importance to the principle that “Food Is Medicine & Medicine Is Food”. Since we at Siddha Physician want to offer a complete portal, leaving out diet from Siddha would not make this site complete. So this section is going to deal with the dietary restrictions for various diseases.

The truth is that a proper balanced diet in itself is going to help you lead a disease free life for a great extent. But that’s an advice to lead a healthy life. But once you are going through a disease, simply taking a balanced diet with all 6 tastes in the right proportion won’t do you any good.

According to Siddha, disease occurs when there is an imbalance in the three humors, vatha, pitha and kapha. So the dietary habits should work towards normalizing the deranged humour and bringing back to the balance in the human body. This is where this section is going to help you with.

How To Navigate

Look toward the right and you’ll see diseases listed in alphabetical order. Find the link to the disease for which you want diet regulations for and click it. You’ll be taken to the page that offers the information you are searching for. You’ll also find a link back to this page if you want to check out diet for any other diseases.

What Will Be Covered In The Diets Section

We are hoping to cover not just the foods to eat that will have a positive impact on the health condition, but also foods that should be avoided, which usually influences the disease in a negative way.

We hope this section in combination with the other sections will greatly help improve your health.

Dr.Spencer Jones

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