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Natural Herbal Home Remedies

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Siddha Physician’ Directory Of Natural Remedies

This is the section for those who want to treat diseases right from their home using natural herbal remedies. Home remedies are the safest option to treat any disease as they are taken right from nature and are risk-free. With myriads of products available in the market, we tend to get confused on which product to use and what not to. It’s time to toss aside some of these questions and turn back to crude natural remedies that nature has bestowed upon us.

Advantages Of Natural Homemade Remedies:

  1. They come with little to no side effects at all.

With herbal remedies, the focus is always on the crude or raw form of the individual component. The reason is, almost all the naturally available plants used in the formulation of these remedies contain potent derivatives that can help eliminate the root cause of any ailments.

  1. When in the right hands they work miracles.

Herbal remedies when used in the right proportion under the guidance of a qualified physician, they work miracles. When it comes to homemade remedies, the ratio of the constituting ingredients matters a lot. To reap the best out of these panaceas, it is recommended to follow the proportions and the quantities of the constituents used.

  1. They are extremely cost-effective when compared to products available in the market.

Most of the ingredients used in the remedies section are used mostly in the kitchen. And what more? They are always available within easy reach.

We are trying our best to create a directory of the best home remedies that you can refer to and try at home anytime. So please bookmark the page and also refer to your friends.

Our home remedies list will be continually growing like with any other section of Siddha Physician. In all sense, we strive to be the complete portal of Siddha medicine.

How To Navigate To The Natural Remedy You Are Looking For ?

In the right hand of the page are disease names listed alphabetically. From the list, locate the disease for which you want to find a home remedy for and click the link. You will be taken to the page offering our list of herbal remedies specific for that disease. Also, you’ll be seeing a link back to this main section for your convenience.

What Will Be Covered ?

Natural home remedies of course. Our goal is to continually upgrade the pages with herbal remedies. So don’t be surprised if you find more home remedies added, the next time you take a visit.

Hope you enjoy what we have painstakingly prepared for you. Enjoy your stay.

Dr.Spencer Jones

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