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Siddha Medicine - Contributions Of Dr.Stanley Jones

Tribute to Dr.Stanley 's ongoing efforts behind Siddha Medicine. This video is a tribute to Dr.Stanley Jones for his selfless service to the development of Siddha Medicine In Kerala. In this video, you'll be able to witness the remarkable works by Dr.Stanley Jones that led to the development and growth of Siddha medicine in Kerala.

Some of the major achievements include the opening of Govt.Siddha dispensary in Attingal, Alappuzha, Palakkad, Thodupuzha and Neyyattinkara.

Conducting 3 National Conferences on Siddha Medicine. Bringing IMPCOPS depot in Kerala. Bringing first siddha college in Kerala, first govt.siddha hospital in Kerala etc. Bringing up and turning in to reality, the idea World Siddha Day, bringing nearly 30 NRHM siddha dispensaries in Kerala, opening siddha pharmacy in Kerala and so much more. His persistent works behind siddha not only resulted in helping thousands of poor patients with effective treatment using siddha medicine, but also resulted in many siddha doctors graduating from the siddha college he brought up in the state. Creation of college, dispensary and hospital also created lots of job vacancies for siddha doctors, teachers, lecturers etc. And also made good quality siddha, ayurveda and unani medicines available for siddha dispensaries and hospital, as well as the practicing by bringing the first and only IMPCOPS dept in Kerala state.

Dr.Jones' work behind Siddha is not over yet as he is still continuing with his Siddha pharmacy where he is manufacturing and taking the effective siddha medicine formulations from his very own traditional siddha family, and making it available to people across Kerala, Tamil Nadu and across India.

Development of Siddha in Kerala - When we take some time to have a close look at how siddha became popular only in Kerala, we sometimes forget the sweat and tears shed behind what we see today. This video takes you through the history of development of Siddha in Kerala through the strong determination and committed effort of one man, Dr.Stanley Jones.

Not only in his efforts behind the development of this system. Dr.Jones is also a Senior Siddha practitioner who served in Govt. service for over 25 years. He is from a traditional siddha family having a rich history of seven generation of siddha practitioners. Dr.Jones' special treatment methods have given him a great reputation as the one of the best siddha doctor in Kerala.

Siddha Medicine - Older Than Ayurveda

Siddha Medicine is one of the ancient Indian medicine with it's roots dating back to the Dravidian age, and believed to be older than ayurvedic medicine. Siddha medicine contains hidden answers to majority of the health problems, that can be an immense benefit to humanity. Siddha is a tamil medicine also known in tamil as siddha maruthuvam. Siddha being older than ayurveda needs to be viewed with much more importance, as this medical system might be the missing link to treating diseases even ayurvedic medicine cannot attempt.

God's Amazing Grace - Dr.Stanley Jones Siddha Pharmacy

The pharmacy that we started by God's grace. To God alone be all the glory...

Welcome to our pharmacy, Dr.Stanley Jones Siddha Pharmacy. Bringing in to your hands, our trusted and effective medicine formulations that are tested and proven for over 7 generations.

Origin Of Siddha Medicine

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